ShowStatusOriginal DateRescheduled Date
Whindersson NunesCancelledMarch 13thCancelled
Ilana GlazerCancelledMarch 19thCancelled
Irish TenorsRescheduledMarch 20thDecember 11th, 2021
Celtic WomanRescheduledMarch 21stMarch 21st, 2021
Rodrigo TeaserRescheduledMarch 28thTBD
Demetri MartinRescheduledApril 4thOctober 3rd
Heather McMahanRescheduledAugust 22+23February 5+6, 2021
Get The Led OutRescheduledJuly 26thApril 16th, 2021
Peppa PigRescheduledApril 26thApril 18th, 2021
Daniel TigerRescheduledMay 6thMay 1st, 2021
Ann WilsonCancelledMay 7thCancelled
Jim CarreyCancelledMay 8thCancelled
Johnny MathisRescheduledMay 21stMay 27th, 2021
Odd1 / James RallisonCancelledMay 26thCancelled
Dog Man: The MusicalRescheduledJune 7thApril 25th, 2021
Cat & NatRescheduledJune 11thNovember 5th
Whose Live AnywayRescheduledAugust 25thApril 27th, 2021
Buddy Guy & Jonny LangRescheduledJuly 25thApril 17th, 2021
Last Book Tour on the LeftRescheduledAugust 2ndMay 20th, 2021
A Bowie CelebrationRescheduledSeptember 11thSeptember 18th, 2021
Judy Collins & Arlo GuthrieRescheduledSeptember 12thSeptember 11th, 2021
Three Dog NightRescheduledSeptember 13thSeptember 12th, 2021
Little River BandRescheduledSeptember 19thOctober 23rd, 2021
Indigo GirlsRescheduledSeptember 25thApril 23rd, 2021
Engelbert HumperdinckRescheduledOctober 2ndApril 9th, 2021
David FosterRescheduledOctober 17th, 2020October 17th, 2021
lliza ShlesingerRescheduledDecember 3+5June 3+4
Black ViolinRescheduledDecember 16thMay 7th, 2021
Straight Up With StassiRescheduledApril 24th, 2021Cancelled