The Big Show feat Russell Thompkins, Jr & The New Stylistics + others

The Wilbur Theatre Located at
246 Tremont St, Boston, MA.
Phone: 617-248-9700
Sat Aug 24th - 7:30PM
SEAT TYPE: Fully seated
$41 - $122


RUSSELL THOMPKINS & THE NEW STYLISTICS The vocal group is probably one of the top 10 vocal groups in the world. Russell and the group started in high school singing


The vocal group is probably one of the top 10 vocal groups in the world. Russell and the group started in high school singing at local events then got their break with a song called You’re a big girl now! The rest is history. With the help of music producer Tom Bell they scored hits like YOU ARE EVERYTHING, BETCHA BY GOLLY WOW, YOU MAKE ME FEEL FEEL BRAND NEW, ROCKIN ROLL BABY, just to name a few. Come join us enjoying Russell and the Stylistics live on this stage.

Russell Allen Thompkins Jr. (born March 21, 1951) is an American soul singer, best known as the original lead singer of the vocal group The Stylistics and noted for his high tenor, countertenor, and falsetto vocals. With Russell as lead singer, The Stylistics had 12 straight Top 10 Billboard R&B singles, and 5 gold singles from 1971 through 1974.


The Temptations are known throughout the world with different members through the years. Paul Williams Jr. is the son of the legionary Paul Williams Sr. original member of the group. Along with the late Dennis Edwards who sung almost half of the hits performed. With Paul Williams Jr. bringing once again the Temptations live on stage performing such hits as MY GIRL, AIN’T TOO PROUD TO BEG, CLOUD 9, THE WAY YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO, plus many more as seen on Broadway in New York. Enjoy the show.


Vocalist extraordinaire Eddie Holman is among the most listened-to artists in the fields of popular and classic R&B music. His unforgettable falsetto voice and the tune that he popularized is perhaps the most recognizable urban love-song in much of the English-speaking world. “Hey There Lonely Girl” is the beautiful tune that seems to touch every ones soul as it emanates from airwaves or churns from the turntables of fans. It is the composition that distinctly defines how it feels when the young gent helplessly yearns for his lady, the object of his affection, who has been spurned by her ex! The song concludes: “Don’t you know this lonely boy loves you!”. No other classic love-song in modern recorded history has had as much an impact on the lovelorn, or said it better than this 1970 mega-hit.

Although he started singing at the age of two, Eddie Holman’s venture into show business began after his family relocated to New York City from Norfolk, Virginia in 1954, when he was eight years of age. It was there that his strikingly beautiful mother exposed her child prodigy to the piano, guitar, singing, and the performing arts in and around the bustling city. As Eddie’s musical talents blossomed, his unique gifts led him to victory on the most challenging stage in the Metropolis, The Apollo Theater Amateur Night. With a choirboy image, Little Eddie Holman as he was then called became so proficient as a performer that, in time, his vocal prowess as an adolescent was even showcased before crowds at the elegant Carnegie Hall and popular Off Broadway Theaters. In search of creative freedom, and in order to expand his artistic boundaries, Eddie was enrolled in Harlem’s prestigious Victoria School Of Music to study along with other gifted youngsters while he appeared regularly on NBC’s “The Children’s Hour.”


Biography. Formed in 1960, the group originally consisted of Sam “Little Sonny” Brown, Eugene “Bird” Daughtry, Phillip “Phil” Terry and Robert “Big Sonny” Edwards. In 1969, Sam Brown was replaced as lead singer by Bobby Starr, only to rejoin the group in 1973. The Intruders are also noted for having 24 R&B chart hits, including 6 R&B top tens, and 14 chart hits in the Billboard Hot 100, including their signature song, the million-selling top 10 hit, “Cowboys to Girls.” Other notable songs include the top 10 R&B hits “(Love Is Like A) Baseball Game”, “Together”, “I’ll Always love my mama.


Harold Melvin was a self taught pianist, who originally sang Doo Wop. The Bluenotes, at that time, were a quintet with the other band members being Bernard Williams, Roosevelt Brodie, Jesse Gillis Jr., and Franklin Peaker. . Shortly after the arrival of Cummings, the Notes scored several major R&B and pop hits including million-selling singles and albums over the next four years.[1] Among the Blue Notes’ most important and successful recordings are love songs such as 1972’s “If You Don’t Know Me by Now” (number 1 Billboard R&B, number 3 pop), their breakout single, “I Miss You” (number 7 R&B, number 58 pop), “The Love I Lost” (number 1 R&B, number 7 pop, 1973) and socially conscious songs such as “Wake Up Everybody” (number 1 R&B, number 12 pop) and “Bad Luck” (number 4 R&B, number 15 pop), both in 1975.[1] “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc by the RIAA on November 21 through the years some members changed due to deaths and sickness but Harold Melvins Blue Notes still shine.


The Delfonics were one of the first groups to sing in the sleek, soulful style that became popularized (thanks to producer Thom Bell) as the “Philadelphia sound.” A vocal trio made up of brothers William and Wilbert Hart and high school friend Randy Cain, the Delfonics’ roots go back to doo wop singing at school dances in the early ’60s. They were well-known in the Philly area for their supple, airtight harmonic talent, which brought them to the attention of record producers, eventually landing them a contract with Cameo-Parkway. While their early records brought them little if any notice, it did bring them to the attention of producer/arranger Thom Bell, who signed the band to his soon-to-be influential soul label Philly Groove. Right from the start, this was a perfect match as the band released the classic “La La Means I Love You” in 1968, a song that set off a string of hits lasting into the mid-’70s. Didn’t I blow your mind this time, Hey Girl , Ready Or Not, Just to name a few songs with this grammy winning group


This group have been around for a long time and as singers passed away they were replace with the Manhattans tradition. Enjoy the great hits LET’S JUST KISS AND SAY GOODBY, SHINING STAR, plus many more hits live on stage.


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